Here are a handful of stories from people who have worked with us at Action Coach Otago…

Andre , a Painting Contractor, doubled the size of his workforce but with no systems in place to help him control things, he was running himself ragged, losing sleep and losing jobs instead of running the business efficiently. By deploying a few effective business tools and learning how to use them, Andre was able to pull his team together, get everyone on the same page and build a much stronger organisation so he could later take his son for a six week tour of Europe.



Neville, a Landscaper, was pretty stressed out.  Things had not gone well over the Christmas period.  The staff had all wanted holidays at the same time which put a big dent in the invoicing and cashflow.  The weather had been bad so that a lot of chargeable time had been lost forever and now the IRD wanted GST and tax but many of the paying clients were still on holiday. In this perfect storm scenario, a cool head and a firm hand is best, so Neville found some useful business tools to help him get the situation under control – so much so that  a year later with a 60% increase in revenue and a 300% increase in profitability under his belt, the Christmas storm barely featured on his radar.

Neville Stewart

Landscape Artist, Neville Stewart Landscaping

Mike and Murray were happy in their work. They loved doing what they were good at and they loved the business they had built. The only problem was, they had too much work on and they didn’t want the hassles of employing staff.  They knew from past experience that employing a bunch of people can often mean earning less money, working longer hours, having more worries and constantly needing to fix the problems that someone else had created. However, it doesn’t have to be like that, with the right attitude and the right tools Mike and Murray doubled their personal income, built a strong resilient business and were able to take Mondays off to go surfing or spend with their families.

Mike and Murray

Mechanical Engineers

What’s it like? – working with Jules

“Jules has helped us fine tune our business, the subtle changes that he has suggested were easy to make and had a positive effect on our bottom line. Our investment in Actioncoach has been rewarded on a personal and monetary basis.

Jules: a genuine thank you for your help.”

Brent McDonald

Methven Motor Services, Methven

I’ve now been using Jules Radich as my business coach for over 2 years. Hiring him has been the best thing I have ever done.

When I first met Jules I was flat out busy in my business however I wasn’t making any money. I didn’t know where I was going wrong and I was struggling.

As a result of working with Jules our turnover has more than doubled and best of all we are now enjoying some excellent profits.

What I like about working with Jules is that he is very easy to get along with and he pushes me all the time to keep improving what we are doing. (I really like having a business coach who does this.)

Before I started working with Jules the business was very reliant on me working in it. So if I didn’t come to work (for whatever reason) my staff didn’t really know what they should be doing and the business ground to a halt. Now it’s very different, so I can take some time away from the business and it still runs well.

I’ve actually recommended Jules already to other people I know in business and he has turned their businesses around as well.  If you have a business and want to improve your turnover and profits by doing some very simple things then I highly recommend you talk to Jules.”

Spencer Bremner

Kitchen Focus

Working with Jules has been amazing. He helped us set up great systems so we could monitor everything that we were doing and see clearly what we needed to do.

In fact the results we got after we began working with Jules were like chalk and cheese.

I recommend Jules to two types of business owners. First of all, I recommend him to any business owner who is working hard and is either losing money or not making progress. Jules will be of immense help to you and can literally ‘save your business’ if you act on his advice.

The second type of business that Jules can help is a business that is already doing well. Jules has shown me many times that even though our business is now doing really well it can do so much better with a few very minor changes. I love the way that he always casting a fresh set of eyes over our business and making positive suggestions for further improvement.

Aaron Aitcheson

A & L Furniture Finishers