Often we admire businesses from a distance and wonder what makes them so successful.

Here are 6 elements that are key components in any excellent business which you can use to review your own and see how it measures up…

1. Money Matters – Are we making enough to do what we want to do? Do we have good controls on our cash and cashflow with levers to adjust it if we want to?

2. Quality Counts – Is our product or service tested and true? Are we fully systemised so that we all know what we are doing? Do our customers express satisfaction every time?

3. Time is Precious – Have I got enough for all the right things? Do my family and friends think so too?

4. Good is Gold – Have we figured out what we are best at? Do we have some automated marketing in place and working for us?

5. Sales made Simple – Do we get the jobs we really want to get? Do we have a proven sales process in place that maximises our conversions and minimises our time?

6. Teams Rule – Together everyone achieves more, do we? Are we all on the same page and working well together?

Simply reviewing these questions regularly is useful for any business. If you would like some suggestions of specific strategies in each of these areas, you can get a free pdf here.

To your business good health…

PS: Here’s the link to 6 Simple Suggestions suitable for Tradies to implement immediately and achieve awesome improvements in their businesses in no time.

PPs: That’s a figure of speech – it will take some time… like a few weeks but it will happen.