We all get the same amount of time each day.

It’s the quality of our management of that time that makes a difference on the road to success.

It can be helpful to categorise how our time is spent so that we can allocate it more purposefully.

Think of your day as a Time Target.


  1. Distraction
    • This is the outer circle of our target and it represents the non-urgent and unimportant actions that many of us waste our potential on each and everyday. Eg: facebook, web-surfing etc
  2. Delusion
    • The second circle represents urgent actions for unimportant purposes that can steal our time away – they take it but they don’t pay! Eg: Taking the Mother-in-Law’s dog to the Vet or beach
  3. Demand
    • The third circle represents the activity required to keep business going. Eg: Making, sending and invoicing the widgets.
  4. The Zone
    • The bullseye of our target is the zone where we are working on the business not for the business. In the long term, this is the most important area. This is where the most successful business owners spend most of their time. Eg: Marketing, Planning, Systemisation.


I have found that the more time people spend in “The Zone” the better they are able to deal with the “Demand”.

Additionally they will be less inclined to give away their precious time to “Delusion” and be too interested in their own business to be bothered finding out about other people business in the “Distraction” arena.

So – How much time do YOU spend in the Zone?

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